CUSTOM PET MERMAID Handmade Fabric Jewellery (Made To Order) – Triangle of Bears
CUSTOM PET MERMAID Handmade Fabric Jewellery (Made To Order) - Triangle of Bears

CUSTOM PET MERMAID Handmade Fabric Jewellery (Made To Order)

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This listing is for one "Pet" Mermaid - A mermaid that resembles the pet (or animal) of your choice. These pieces are not as detailed as my signature Pet Portraits - if you would like a detailed portrait, please check out this listing instead -

▲ MATERIALS: I use recycled fabric to make these pieces (cruelty-free materials from second-hand bags/wallets that i find in thrift stores) so i do my best to match colours as closely as possible. Acrylic felt is used for the animal & faux leather is used for the tail.

Please see all pictures for reference & to gauge how your piece might turn out!

▲ MEASUREMENTS: These mermaid measure approx 11cm in width or height, depending what position you would like your mermaid to be in.

▲ REQUIREMENTS: Please keep in mind that this will be a simplified version of what your pet actually looks like! I like to work with a variety of photos, but I need at least one picture that will determine the final piece - a photo with the animal looking straight into the camera with no obstruction to the face/head. (no ears cropped off etc)

▲ TURN-AROUND TIME: It can take 1 - 4 weeks for me to complete your piece, depending on how many other custom orders I have underway at the same time.

▲ EXTRAS: We can decide together the 2 colours for your mermaids tail, the shell charm it will be holding, whether you would like wings & any other extra beads, charms, rhinestones or embellishments. PLEASE NOTE: I have limited supply of most materials - the fabric & embellishments you see pictured may not be available at the time you purchase.



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Let’s live by the four R’s… Rethink, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle!
I source my faux leather from Thrift Shops. I buy preloved bags, wallets, purses etc and chop them up to turn them into this unique jewellery for you! I also source as much of my metal findings, stuffing (from old cushions), chain, charms & sewing thread as possible from Thrift Shops. Due to the nature of the materials I use, my pieces are often one-of-a-kind or limited edition. You’re getting something that is eco-friendly but also very rare & special!

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